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The pursuit of recognition | Divyns | TEDxDominicanIntlSchool
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Added Jul 4, 2016
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Given the opportunity to accept fame and riches is seemingly easy and incredibly tempting, but having the courage to reject it is something else. As a musician, Divyns seeks the recognition and admiration attributed to many well respected artists, but never would he sacrifice his integrity and passion for it.

Born in Nantes (France), Divyns started to compose music at 10 years old, learning drums and several percussive instruments in a music school. 5 years later, he directed a band of latin music playing his own compositions. Interested in many kinds of music, he produced electronic, classical, pop, RnB, hip hop music depending on his inspiration. In 2012, Divyns decided to live in Taiwan in order to perform and mix in night clubs, bars, events and produce electronic dance music. After working and directing on a music video promoting Taiwan "Stranger in Taiwan" and making his entertainment videos "Step by step" about the composition processes of his own electronic musics, he met some influent people who all promoted his music creations. "Taiwan talent show" also shared many of his videos accumulating million views. Today, Divyns collaborates with the YouTube channel Stop Kiddin’ Studio as the main composer and keep on composing, making music videos, and performing for some live events.

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