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The revolution will not be centralised | Simon Parker | TEDxBrum
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Added Jul 25, 2016
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Sometimes well accepted ideas hold us back. Simon Parker, Director of the New Local Government Network, outlines the possibilities of decentralising authority, power and money. By putting faith in the wisdom of crowds and injecting power back into our towns, cities and communities, we would see more vibrant cities prosper across the UK, and have a shot at saving our public services from austerity.

Simon Parker is the Director of the New Local Government Network and is a leading voice on decentralisation and democracy, with his work being described as ‘making public policy fun’. Having worked alongside many of the UK’s leading councils, Simon champions new approaches to urban governance and public service delivery. He started his career as a journalist at The Guardian, and has since held senior positions at Demos and the Institute for Government. His book ‘Taking Power Back: Putting People in Charge of Politics’, addresses a key issue of our time - where should power and governance lie in our democracy? In offering policy recommendations and practical ideas for giving power away, Simon creates a new kind of politics focused on unleashing society’s creative potential.

Twitter: @SimonFParker | @NLGNthinktank

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