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The three Ps you need to change the world | David Cummins | TEDxTUHH
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Added Sep 6, 2016
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David Cummins tells us about the three Ps (Purpose, Plan and People) everyone needs to bring about change. He does this by shedding more light on the creation of Hacker School; talking about its purpose, its planning and the people involved in the project. By this example he wants us to start our own project to change the world.

Originally from the USA, David Cummins moved to Germany in 1992 to continue his studies in Linguistics. David’s professional career began in 1996, with concentrations both on software development and team leadership. Today, David is managing partner of the MINISTRY Group, responsible for technological innovation, agile processes, as well as modern management and leadership topics. In 2013, he talked to Timm Peters and Andreas Ollmann about an idea to inspire young people to learn programming and the Hacker School was born.

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