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The two types of listening | Bernhard Pörksen | TEDxTuebingen
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Added Aug 15, 2016
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Listening is the clandestine superpower of communication, says the media researcher and bestselling author Bernhard Pörksen. But what does listening really entail? And why is it so difficult? We can listen with the Ego-Ear, says Bernhard Pörksen, shaped by our own judgments and prejudices. Here the decisive question is whether we agree with what is being said and whether we personally consider it to be right. Or we can listen with the You-Ear, really delving into the world of the other, guided by an ideal of non-egocentric attention. But how can this be achieved? A TedXTalk about the art of listening – with astonishing and illuminating stories from the world of communication.

Bernhard Pörksen is professor of media science in the University of Tübingen. His research deals with the impact of public outrage and the future of reputation, and he not only publishes scholarly articles but regularly contributes essays and commentaries to many different newspapers and magazines. His books co-authored with the philosopher Heinz von Foerster („Wahrheit ist die Erfindung eines Lügners“/”Truth is the invention of a liar”), and with the communication psychologist Friedemann Schulz von Thun („Kommunikation als Lebenskunst“/”Communication as an art of living”) were bestsellers. In 2008 Bernhard Pörksen was elected „Professor of the Year“.

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