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The way to clear all the other thoughts at the moment | Nobukatsu OOKUBO | TEDxYouth@Kobe
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Added Jul 5, 2016
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A way to eliminate your destraction
Nowadays we are in the information-oriented society, where words and
languages are taken for granted, and we as a routine think in words.
In such days OKUBO Nobukatsu shows us meaningful effects of this non-sense
language, “gibberish” as one of the simplest method to clear our mind.

In his university days, OOKUBO Nobukatsu put himself into studying of "laughter".
When he was 20 years old, he became a Certified Laughter Yoga Leader.
In 2014, he met the founder of Laughter Yoga, Dr. Madan Kataria, in India, and Dr. Kataria brought out OOKUBO’s talent for Laughter Yoga. This spurred him to a new career as a Laughter Yoga Teacher. After he resigned as a private secretary to a member of the Lower House of the Diet, he turned a professional Certified Laughter Yoga Teacher.
With his motto “Let’s create the world everyone can laugh!” he is now devoting his energies to his work in order to convey to people the greatness of influence that laughter gives – not only on oneself who laughs but also on people around him/her.

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