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The worst disease you never heard of...and why it matters to you | Jakub Tolar | TEDxFargo
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Added Sep 28, 2016
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Dr. Tolar is a physician-researcher who treats patients with a rare genetic skin-blistering disorder called epidermolysis bullosa. Even if it never touches you or or your family--even if you can't pronounce it--the medical advances made through treating this disease probably will. Follow his story of a young patient and learn about the gene-editing technologies that will change the world of medicine.

Jakub Tolar is a distinguished McKnight Professor from the University of Minnesota, where he is currently a practicing physician in Pediatric Blood and Marrow Transplantation and the Director of the Stem Cell Institute. As a physician-scientist, Dr. Tolar’s research focuses on creating new and more effective treatments for fatal genetic disorders such as Hurler syndrome (MPS-1), dyskeratosis congenita, Fanconi anemia, and adrenoleukodystrophy. He is known for his ground-breaking use of bone marrow transplant to treat the severe forms of epidermolysis bullosa. His laboratory is currently working with state-of- the-art genome-editing technologies to create a platform for gene and cell therapies for patients with these kinds of life-threatening and currently incurable diseases. Dr. Tolar is co-chair of Regenerative Medicine Minnesota, a state-funded program that supports research, education, and patient care improvement in this rapidly advancing field.

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