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They told me it wasn't possible - now I'm a contortionist! | Nina Burri | TEDxBern
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Added Oct 13, 2016
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After she finished her career as a professional ballet dancer, Nina decided to learn the art of contortion in China. Everybody told her that, at age of 30, it was impossible. Now, eight years later, she has proven the critics wrong.

Nina Burri, is an exceptional artist originally from Bern - Switzerland. After a very successful ballet career of more than 10 years. With engagements with the world’s best ballet companies, shows and theaters, such as the Moulin Rouge in Paris or Maurice Béjart’s Ballet in Lausanne, she decided to create her first acrobatic solo act, left everything behind and went to Beijing - China for 6 months to learn the art of contortion and hand-balancing in daily hard and long 8-hour-training sessions.

Back in Europe, Nina created her first act called „Goldeneye“, a homage to the „James Bond“ movies, and right away started her new career with engagements in Europe’s leading variety, cabaret and circus shows, and she won her first award in 2009, the prestigious swiss newcomer prize „Prix Walo“. She earned her final breakthrough paired with international recognition with the second place in the TV Show „Switzerland’s Got Talent“ in 2011 and with the same emission just a few months later in

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