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Think Small | Walter Gjergja - Shi Xing Mi | TEDxHochschuleLuzern
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Added Sep 29, 2016
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Shi Xing Mi’s talk is about what he has learned in devoting his life to mastering the tools of the body, mind, and spirit. Born Walter Gjerga, he is now a Shaolin master and motivational speaker who has been studying Shaolin martial arts and philosophy from an early age. His approach to winning solutions is to help people rediscover the tools within that they have either never used or have long forgotten.

Walter has been studying the martial art Wushu and the Shaolin philosophy Chan since the age of 13. He spent many study stays in the Shaolin monastery spanning over a period of 15 years in order to become one of the very few real Western Shaolin Sujiadizi Wuseng. He has been the protagonist of many magazines and newspaper articles, numerous international events and several television documentaries (BBC, Discovery Channel, Disney XD, Italia1, CCTV). Today, Walter is a Shaolin Master, trainer, adviser, speaker and writer.

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