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Three-Non. A principle on making a meaningful art | Gesyada Siregar | TEDxUI
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Added Sep 12, 2016
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Writer's block may happen due to strict concept that confine people who make art. Three-Non (non-preconception, non-academic technique, non-aesthetic academic) is a principle that introduced by Indonesian painter named Nashar to liberate artist from a concept that often shackle artists.

In this presentation, Gesyada tells about meeting of Nashar with Chairil Anwar and Putu WIjaya that accidentally engender the Three-Non principle that would shape Indonesian art.

Catering art into her day-to-day life, Ms. Gesyada Namora Siregar is undoubtedly a passionate devotee of art. Currently taking fine arts as her major at Jakarta Institue of Arts, she remains to prolong her pursuit. She was the curator of 'Buka Warung', a young female artist collective from Jakarta and taking a role in Jakarta 32°C, an art aspiring Jakarta-based student networking through forum and art festivals.

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