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Three Pieces for Piano | Alexander Chapman Campbell | TEDxFindhorn
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Added Aug 8, 2016
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Alexander, a young Scottish composer/pianist, performs 3 tracks from his album “Portraits of Earth” for solo piano. Hauntingly beautiful with rich, ethereal, emotive melodies, they touch the hearts of the audience.

Alexander draws his inspiration from long walks in the Scottish Highlands and along the river banks near his home. Five years in the making, his recent album was recorded in just one single take.

First piece: "Prelude To The Dawn"
Second Piece: "Song Of The Evening"
Third Piece: "The Winter Hills"

Alexander lives in the Scottish Highlands. Composing at home, which sits amongst forested hills and beside a rushing river, he gains inspiration from the natural world around him.

He has recently released his much awaited second collection for solo piano, ‘Portraits of Earth’, recorded at Crear house on the rugged West Coast of Scotland. The album, featuring new piano works that have been five years in the making, was recorded in a single take on the final morning of the sessions.

'This is the experience of playing that I look for, I revel in it for those brief and wonderful moments. The last piece came and then the final note. Those were the recordings I was looking for; I had just recorded the whole album in one run-through. The rest - everything I had done during the previous days - could be forgotten.'

His music has been described as “not jazz, not classical, not improvised, but a glimpse of something new...”.

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