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Three Specific Ways to Grow Your Career | Joseph Prabhakar | TEDxYouth@Walnut
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Added Aug 19, 2016
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We take our careers so seriously, that we go at it, at the cost of our own growth, personal excellence and often times our intellectual wellbeing. Recognizing the pattern that leads us into this career rut, holds the key to coming out of it and building a career that will be as rewarding as it is soul-satisfying. As empowering as it is fulfilling. In this talk, through the eyes of three people, Joseph explains how he saw his own career get stuck in a rut and the three specific things he did to grow his career.

Joseph Prabhakar is a keynote speaker, communication expert, personal branding consultant and a certified executive coach. As the CEO of Power Communication Corp. Joseph helps leaders communicate with purpose and intention to their teams, customers and stakeholders. Utilizing techniques and best practices from multiple disciplines, Joseph offers programs that are powerful, engaging, memorable and delivers immense value to his clients.

Prior to forming Power Communication Corp, Joseph was an accomplished corporate leader with over 20 years in a variety of progressive roles and leadership responsibilities across geographies. This helps him connect, understand and speak with a wide variety of audiences and cultures in a language they can relate to, appreciate and understand easily.

While not speaking or teaching, Joseph loves to spend time with his family, read and spend time tending to his plants.

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