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To Be Satisfied | Shahindokht Kharazmi | TEDxTUMS
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Added Aug 8, 2016
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Dr Kharazmi talks about the need for sense of satisfaction of being by showing us reasons as routine as sunset and the beauty of the African violets, to reasons as magnificent as the grandeur of the universe and the trillion tar in it. She emphasized on the uniqueness of every single human being and the short time (so called life) that has been given to you. So let's use this opportunity and be happy!

Being born in 1938, in Iran, she educated B.Sc. Psychology, in 1969 from shiraz university. She took her . M.A degree in Educational Psychology and her PhD in Social Psychology from Indiana university. Dr. Kharazmi has been an extraordinarily active woman in her fields of interest. She is a founding members of Iranian Association for studies on Information Society (IRASIS); Also she has been an advisor to many high ranked decision makers and companies in the country in different fields, including Iran-Khodro car company and the ministry of industries and business.

Currently she has decided to halt all her previous activities to pursue a more ambitious, fascinating idea. In an adventurous journey towards finding the very basic underlying principle of the universe, accompanied by her loving life partner, her husband, day and night, she has devoted herself to studying cosmology, quantum physics and life sciences.

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