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To the abyss and back | Shai Reller | TEDxRuppin
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Added Jul 27, 2016
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On the TEDxRuppin stage we discovered how Shai climbed back from the abyss until he completed with excellence his Master degree in Business Management, began working as an annalist and primarily gives inspiration to anyone who hears his touching story.

Some people are born twice. Shai Reller is definitely one of those people. Reller traveled, after his military service as an officer in the IDF, to Nepal. On his way to Kathmandu he was severely injured in a car accident. The diagnosis was tragic: the head injury would leave Shai paralyzed from his neck down.

ש אנשים שנולדים פעמיים. המקרה של שי רלר, בהחלט יכול להיחשב לאחד שכזה. רלר, נסע לאחר השירות הצבאי כקצין קרבי לטיול בנפאל. בדרכו לקטמנדו, נפצע קשה בתאונת דרכים. האבחנה הרפואית הייתה חד משמעית וטראגית: המכה הייתה כה חזקה ושי ישאר משותק מהצוואר ומטה.

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