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Too much freedom will kill us | Esther van Fenema | TEDxDelft
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Added Jun 21, 2016
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People with addictions are often blamed themselves for having become addicts. But Esther van Fenema has found that many of these cases could have been prevented. To achieve this a question must be asked: can someone have too much freedom?

Esther studied medicine at Louvain, before returning to the Netherlands where she continued to study to be a doctor. After considering surgery she eventually specialized in psychiatry, as she found the human brain the most interesting part of the human anatomy.

Van Fenema initially set out studying violin at a conservatory in Amsterdam. After four years she went on to study medicine in Louvain, Belgium, where she simultaneously continued studying violin in Brussels. From there she returned to Utrecht to continue her studies to be a doctor. Having attained her degree she worked for a year as a doctor in first aid, before starting her education to become a psychiatrist at Leiden University Medical Center. “It is the best profession there is,” she says. “I hesitated about surgery, but in the end I found the brain to be the most interesting part of the human anatomy.”

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