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Trascender como ventaja competitiva | Competing through Trascendence | Ángel Bonet | TEDxESADE
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Added Jul 6, 2016
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Cuando el modelo empresarial de la old-economy falla y las nuevas tecnologías y modas impactan fuertemente en la relación con el consumidor, ¿en qué deben basarse las organizaciones para dar con la tecla del éxito y de la sostenibilidad?

Ángel Bonet, partner en MINSAIT by Indra y consultor de estrategia para grandes compañías, acerca de cómo actuar ante la nueva ola de consumidores.


New technologies and trends have made a huge impact on the relationship between customers and companies. What does it take now to make a business successful and sustainable?

Listen to Ángel Bonet, partner at MINSAIT by Indra, expert and consultant for Growth strategy, Marketing and Sales, sharing his view on how to address the new wave of customers. Licensed in Business Management in Barcelona, he is an expert in innovation, professor, consultant, entrepreneur and coach. Not only is in his DNA an outstanding entrepreneurial vocation, but also does he drag in his professional career the marketing and sales assessment of the most renowned companies in the world.

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