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Two New Normals: Reframing Ideas About Mental Health | Megan Koehnen | TEDxUChicago
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Added Jun 24, 2016
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Through an exploration of what "normality" means, Megan shows how we can redefine our understanding of mental disorders and what it means to have one.

Megan Koehnen is a fourth year in the College at The University of Chicago, studying Psychology and Biological Sciences with a specialization in Neuroscience. Since 2014, Megan has been doing work on a clinical trial of a preventative depression intervention for preadolescent African American girls and is currently working on writing up the results of that trial for her honors thesis. She has also been conducting an independent research project on societal and individual conceptions of mental health, psychiatry, and identity.
Outside of academia, Megan serves as a coach for the University of Chicago Mock Trial program and the vice-president of Phoenix Biology. She is also a graphic designer for several organizations and offices on campus. After graduation, she will be returning to her homeland of Minnesota to serve in the 2016 Teach For America Corps, teaching school science. She hopes to eventually pursue a graduate degree in psychology or neuroscience.

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