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Underwater Forests and the Rise of Ocean Optimism | Adriana Verges | TEDxUNSW
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Added Sep 23, 2016
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Global warming is bad and we're all doomed. Right? Partially. Dr Adriana
Verges shares her journey to restore life to a previously thought, extinct marine plant and
outlines how we can re - establish underwater forests.

Marine ecologist Dr Adriana Verges is Senior Lecturer and Deputy Director at the UNSW Centre for Marine Bio-Innovation. Her research focuses on the ecology and evolution of marine trophic interactions (i.e. who eats who in the sea). Adriana’s most recent work centers on the restoration of algal forests and the impacts of climate change on the marine environment. She has worked in coral reefs and temperate ecosystems around the world, from the Mediterranean Sea to the Indian Ocean. Adriana’s love for science has seen her become a member of the CSIRO's Scientists in Schools program, in which she curates the 'Science & Storytelling' documentary series at the Australian Museum.

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