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Uniting Nature and Urban Spaces - the Hilldegarden Project | Tobias Boeing | TEDxTUHH
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Added Jun 23, 2016
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Tobias Boeing talks about the unique Hilldegarden Project and its conception. He takes us through the details of the project - how the idea came into being and how they plan to accomplish their targets. With the help of this talk, Tobias shows us how, with the right ideas, we can transform our urban spaces into more livable places and in this case significantly alter what historical landmarks stand for.

Tobias Boeing was a professional set designer before making the decision to start studying; it had always been clear to him that his job was only the first step to something greater. In 2006 he completed his studies in interior design with a master's degree in experimental design.
Tobias worked as an assistant to the Hamburg artist Florian Borkenhagen for several years during his studies. He also gained some work experience as designer and original creator for several design agencies. Those experiences helped him complete his knowledge in spaces and products design with a new interest in design research, innovative building and urban spaces.
Since 2014, he has been working together with more than 50 people to create a new concept of urban nature (Hilldegarden) on the colossal bunker at Heiligengeistfeld in Hamburg St. Pauli.

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