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Unleash Your Inner Artist | Michael Ketigian & Ohan Hominis | TEDxColombo
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Added Sep 19, 2016
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With the concept of ‘expressing yourself where ever you are, in the form of art, by stepping outside your comfort zone’, Ohan Hominis and Micheal Ketigian, urged everyone at the event to create, express and change the world they live in.

Michael is an engineer by training and a writer by passion riding the line between Science and Art.
After receiving his Bachelor’s degree in engineering from Cooper Union, he managed operations at a software consulting start-up, also located in New York City. While he thoroughly enjoyed the start-up scene, he decided that he must follow his passion for community building to maximize his offering to society. He began writing and performing spoken word poetry in 2011, which eventually led to the formation of Stageless Arts with two other poets and a filmmaker. This art collective gave rise to a biweekly sharing series called ‘Open Brain’, which has since spread to various cities across the globe including Colombo where he is working to establish a co-working space, while also further expanding the ‘Stageless Arts’/ ‘Open Brain’ community.

An economist at his core, Ohan is a social scientist who aids people in maximizing their creative resources. It is something that has remained a constant throughout the many paths he’s made his way into, from starting a t­shirt company, to running a newspaper, to presiding over a fraternity, then moving from financial analysis to economic analysis, to building out an analytics department. Over time, this role of an economist evolved into a wandering poet and community builder leading him to set up ‘Stageless Arts’ with a few other creative partners. Its results inspired him to spend more time in spreading art and promoting free expression, which is why he has now begun building a replicable model for an open arts community in Sri Lanka, one that can use the momentum of chapters in other cities to grow and connect its artists in a global network.

This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at