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Urban Dance Theatre | Urban Dance | TEDxDanubia
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Added Jul 11, 2016
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7 characters, different backgrounds and styles: a mixture of energies. One of the major Hungarian players in the underground street dance scene, Urban Dance Theatre comprises all the original old school and new school hip‐hop dance styles. Sticking to the originality of the styles from a contemporary perspective, they build up their performance based on acoustic and electronic music leaving room for improvisation. We are immersed into the world of underground urban dance culture, where dancers find inspiration in their differences and where they collaborate in mixing a variety of styles and personalities.

Szederkényi Zsolt, the Managing Director of Bakelit Multi Art Center co‐founded Urban Dance Team – a contemporary freestyle hip‐ hop dance theatre –together with Gábor Csordás and Róbert Fazekas in 2007. All three of them are professional hip‐hop dancers, dance instructors, winners of international dance competitions and appear in several video clips and shows. Since 2014, Zsolt has been managing the team on his own, members including Gergely Szénási, Gábor Kántor, Gergő Elekes, Szilvia Klinkó and Róbert Karsa. They teach throughout Hungary and regularly organize dance battles, intensive courses and summer dance camps with professional Hungarian and foreign street dancers. They perform at events, festivals, competitions, talent shows and in theatre productions, their repertoire consisting of various styles from few minute productions to full‐length stage shows.

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