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Using Experiences to transform your life from Personal Loss | Shashwat Tulsian | TEDxBESC
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Added Jul 5, 2016
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How can you transform your biggest personal loss to your greatest gift? They say, Life is the best teacher but how can you be its best student? Can you truly become the person you have wanted to be by using nothing but the pain of losing everything?

Shashwat Tulsian, shares with you, his experiences distilled from a wide range of emotions to inspire, connect and transform your life from failure to success and to teach you how to live-one experience at a time! If a Chartered accountant cum Lawyer with a full time day job can do it, cant you?

Shashwat Tulsian is passionate about life and draws inspiration from the world around us. His philosophy has evolved from personal tragedy and is unique in its perspective on living. He derives his analytical skills from his profession of being a Lawyer, Chartered Accountant and Company Secretary and applies that observation to aspects of everyday life. The result is a talk that distills a wide range of emotions to inspire and transform your life from failure to success and help you connect with your true self.

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