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Virtual Reality - An Exploration of Invisible Worlds | John McGhee | TEDxUNSW
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Added Sep 26, 2016
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Imagine you are walking along the interior lining of a real human artery. To your right is a sharp drop into sticky red substance, to your left is a living, breathing wall. You dodge ominous black cancer cells twice your size and wriggle your way through mucus-like tumors. John McGhee's talk takes us on a virtual reality journey into the human brain. Caution: vertigo inducing awesomeness guaranteed!

Dr John McGhee is a 3D Computer Artist, Senior Lecturer and the Director of the 3D Visualisation Aesthetics Lab at UNSW Art & Design. John’s academic research work explores art and design-led modes of visualising complex scientific and biomedical data using 3D computer animation techniques, most recently on Virtual Reality (VR) headsets. His work includes the deployment of VR in stroke rehabilitation, clinical MRI 3D visualisation for patient education and the application of VR in bio-nano cellular data visualisation. This has culminated in John being recognised as one of UNSW Australia’s 21 ‘Rising Stars’.

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