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WHAT IS YOUR RELATIONSHIP TO TIME? | Heidi Volpe | TEDxPacificPalisades
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Added Aug 8, 2016
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What is your relationship to time? How do you measure it’s value, and when you self reflect are you making good use your own time in both work and play? Heidi’s talk takes a deep look into how her relationship with time dramatically changed after a health crisis and talks about the importance of self education when it comes to your health as well as the rewards of taking on risk and pursing happiness in an unconventional manner. She sites examples from her personal experience and experts who've impacted her life in some way.

Heidi Volpe is a freelance graphic designer and photo director based in Topanga, CA. Some of her clients include Outside Magazine, Red Bull, Los Angeles Times Sunday Magazine, and Brazil's Abril Publishing. She publishes a weekly column about photography and consults editorial photographers on branding and site development. She is passionate about cycling, with a penchant for endurance mountain bike racing, specifically long distance single speeding. She is a new backyard bee keeper, launched a gourmet popcorn line, AWESOME POP, in 2014 that focuses on social impact cinema, and is currently flirty with eating Aspire crickets!

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