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Waiting for Alzheimer’s | Hunter Schone | TEDxWestminsterCollegeSLC
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Added Aug 2, 2016
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This talk addresses the alarming growth of the Alzheimer's disease patient population and the current lack of resources available to assist them. Offering a highly personal and analytical approach, the talk pushes to bring awareness and action for patients unable to fight for themselves. The talk adds a voice to the helpless millions waiting to develop Alzheimer's Disease.

Proteomic analyst and Alzheimer Association representative, Hunter has worked to establish a pre-clinical diagnostic tool for Alzheimer’s disease. His efforts in Alzheimer proteomic research were published last year in the Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease.

Hunter is currently a representative for the Alzheimer Association’s Utah chapter. As a representative, he has spent the last two years working with the Alzheimer population in Utah. Specifically, his primary work has been spent with physicians and caregivers in the community to ultimately instill them with the tools and resources to help better care for the expanding Alzheimer population in Utah. With both research experience and experience with families and caregivers, he offers a comprehensive perspective of the state of Alzheimer’s disease.

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