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Want Lasting Change? Security Comes First. | Margaret Romney | TEDxWestminsterCollegeSLC
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Added Aug 4, 2016
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How do you enable growth and change? Build a foundation of security. Teacher, speaker, musician, and idea explorer Margaret Watts Romney shares her insights into human nature based on her 20+ years of experience working with people to prepare and present from the stage.

After childhood in Boulder Colorado, Margaret’s professional life began with all things related to the cello. Currently, Margaret’s passion is supporting individuals to give their best presentations possible. She has coached speakers for international TEDx events, investor pitches, keynote speeches, and more.

Partnering with Shark Tank deal-maker and public speaker Pat Crowley, was created to offer mind-expanding presentation workshops to a broader audience.

Her free time is gobbled up by yoga, gazing at stars, and pretty much anything on public radio. If you ask her nicely she will tell you her family’s motto which is unsuitable to print.

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