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Water: Building a Thirst for Leadership, Risk and Change | Steven Malloch | TEDxYakimaSalon
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Added Jul 29, 2016
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Focusing on the intersection of social relationships, natural resources and taking risks, Steve Malloch takes us on a journey through the process of collaboration. In so doing, he shares his lessons from addressing age-old positions around the use of water by presenting an alternative model for resolving conflict. Highlighting the courage of those risk takers building trust in contentious times, Steve's talk offers great inspiration for us all.

Steve is trained in hydrology and law, and has worked as a hydrogeologist, lawyer and lobbyist. He brings technical, legal and political tools to bear on the problems of improving the environmental performance of large water systems, especially irrigation and flood control projects in the Western US, and on the looming problems of adapting to the impacts of climate change on water infrastructure and use.

Steve is Principal with Western Water Futures, LLC, where he provides strategy, program development and implementation services for NGO’s, philanthropists, and water managers. His practice is focused on creating innovative approaches that address today’s problems while at the same time preparing for changing climate regimes.

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