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Water | Shamel Pitts and Tali Glaser | TEDxRuppin
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Added Jul 20, 2016
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This performance of Dance & Harp allows for a complexity of layers and meeting points between two soloists, sharing a joint vision. Water is the first part of a project-in-making called "The Star Project", led by Tali Glaser.
The water on earth is fixed in quantity and it changes its states of matter, moving in space, on earth and on its soil. Water constitutes a large percentage of each body, flora and fauna. It is the fluid of life.
For the work "Water", Shamel chose to challenge the qualities of water, using the physical Gaga movement language Of Ohad Naharin, with qualities of water such as floatation, subtle resistance and gravitation, along with airy qualities and nostalgia.

Music & Harp– Tali Glaser
Choreography & Dance – Shamel Pits

Harpist and composer, Tali Glaser, was born in Israel in 1968. Harpist in the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra since 1986. Received her M. Mus. from Tel-Aviv University.

Dancer & Choreographer, Shamel Pits, Born in 1985, Brooklyn New-York, Dancer at Bat-Sheva Dance company, graduate of the Julliard School N.Y.

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