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Watermelon Seeds - Retaking Control of Your Happiness | Jim Pouliopoulos | TEDxBentleyU
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Added Jul 5, 2016
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External forces exert powerful influence on our major decisions often resulting in our lives being propelled into careers, relationships, and situations where we are frustrated, stagnant and unhappy. Have your dreams, aspirations and career goals suffered the same fate? By pausing and consciously changing our behavior we can take control of our life’s direction and find genuine happiness and true success.

The director of Bentley's professional sales program, Jim Pouliopoulos, has been a marketing lecturer at Bentley for the past 13 years. With a passion towards helping companies increase their efficiency - Jim's teaching and consulting work is focused around developing strategic marketing, marketing research, sales effectiveness, and interpersonal communication skills to take business leaders' and their team's performances to the next level.

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