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We Don’t Have to be Free to Start | Usaphea Horn | TEDxNanjingNo1HighSchool
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Added Aug 30, 2016
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As we are born into different parts of the world, we experience different tastes of life. Unlike more advantaged groups, disadvantaged people hold an uncertain future, because they are easily abused and exploited. “We don’t have to be rich to give. We don’t have to be the best to do. We don’t have to be free to start.” What matters is this simple question: “Are you willing to share, to see other people happy and have a better future? Or are you afraid to challenge yourself?”. Of course, we will never know if we never start.

Usaphea Horn is the founder and director of Living Faith Center and
Family Center, co-founder and Operation Manager of ‘RESTORE CAMBODIA’. He
has been a volunteer with NGOs and civil society groups for the last five years in the
field of education, rural development, youth and children empowerment and poverty
alleviation. His interests include community service and charity activity, researching,
sustainable development, foreign policy, international politics, business development,
and traveling.

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