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We Need to Rethink the way that we teach our students about poverty | Nick Esposito | TEDxUtica
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Added Sep 26, 2016
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We need to rethink the way that we teach our students about poverty.

We must waken ourselves from the delusion that the haves and have not’s are fixed groups. The subtle yet inescapable truth is that we all are in poverty. Understanding this enables us to empathize with one another. All of our students have their own poverty and it is our responsibility to help them understand that. There can be poverties of patience, spirit, grit, hope and confidence to name a few.

From humility comes empathy and from there we arrive at an impactful opportunity for purpose. They will not have time to look down on anyone because they will be down with them where the real work gets done.

Nick Esposito has 10+ years of experience in the service learning space, including time in both public and private schools. He is an award winning teacher for bringing best practices of service learning into the classroom. Nick has travelled around the world serving with different organizations and for different cultures and peoples. Through these experiences he has developed the belief that students are at their most impactful when they leverage their greatest passions and skills. This belief led to his founding of The Service League, an organization dedicated to bringing life changing service experiences to new schools and populations. Nick has degrees from Villanova University (Journalism, Sociology, Peace & Justice), Johns Hopkins (Masters in Urban Education) and is pursuing a degree in Education Entrepreneurship from the University of Pennsylvania.

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