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Welcome to My Mind | Harley Neville | TEDxRuakura
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Added Sep 19, 2016
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Spoken word poetry is a growing art form around the world.

In three poems Harley challenges your perspective on some of the important issues we face as global citizens as well as exploring the theme of transformation or Morphosis.

The theme of TEDx Ruakura 2016 was Morphosis.

A filmmaker and broadcaster by trade, Harley was almost as surprised as his friends the first time he stood up to recite a poem he wrote. But it’s hard to deny the cathartic effect poetry has for Harley, just as it’s hard to deny his obvious presence on the stage as a poet.

Most widely known for his leading role in I Survived a Zombie Holocaust, a film he made with his long time collaborator. Harley has come to a point in his life where he is looking at the bigger picture, and has become more of a philosopher.

Through poetry Harley hopes to draw attention to a few of humanity’s demons, in order that we can address them. Take globalisation for example, neither good nor bad, it’s simply a progression of our global civilisation. It can be “a tool for good or evil”, says Harley. “On the one hand it has given us sweatshops, but on the other hand it has given us as individuals in the first world the power to affect real, positive change with small day-to-day decisions and purchases.”

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