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What can invasive plants teach us about leadership? | Anna Sher Simon | TEDxMileHigh
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Added Aug 1, 2016
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In her research on tamarix, an invasive plant species, ecologist Anna Sher Simon made a startling discovery - the plant is unable to take over an ecosystem unless the ecosystem is already damaged. How does this new information inform human psychology? The connections between invasive plants, leadership, political movements, and mental health may surprise you.

Dr. Anna Sher Simon is a biology professor, author, activist, wife, and mother whose research on restoration of damaged ecosystems is widely referenced. Her recent books are An Introduction to Conservation Biology, and Tamarix: A Case Study of Ecological Change in the American West. Dr. Sher served as the Director of Research at Denver Botanic Gardens for seven years and is now a professor at DU. She and her wife, Fran, were the first couple in the state to receive a civil union.

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