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What dating application can tell you about your relationships | Elena Rydkina | TEDxMoscow
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Added Aug 15, 2016
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Studying various dating application, available on the Internet, Elena realized that - it is a false mirror, which reflects some of our ugly prejudices about relationships and sexuality. To try to get rid of them, Elena invites with a look closer at some of it.

Elena Rydkina - sex evangelist of new dating application “Pure” (, co-founder of conference "Sexprosvet18 +" ( 2013 – graduated as a Bachelor from the Sociology Faculty of HSE ( 2013 - 2014 worked as a manager for communications in Russian biotech startup. In 2014 worked as a research assistant in Neuroeconomics Center for Cognitive Studies of HSE. In 2015 worked as a technology evangelist in US biotech startup. In October 2015 with a group of associates launched “Seksprosvet18 +” project - a series of interdisciplinary scientific and popular conferences for adults. Since December 2015 began working as Pure app sex-evangelist.

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