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What if we don't conform to society? | Omar Ebeid | TEDxSurreyUniversitySalon
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Added Sep 6, 2016
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Imagine if people did not conform to society but rather acted based on their upbringings, circumstances, and interests. List two things people do to fit in today's society. Whatever those might be, people should take a more positive approach to life. Investing in our identity and define ourselves is what this talk revolves around. At the end of the day, human beings are like clouds - no one is perfect.

Omar is the winner of the University of Surrey Vice-Chancellor's Award. This is the highest accolade given to a student who leaves a lasting legacy behind and has reflected the perfect example of extracurricular and academic success. He is also the Founder of the University of Surrey's Egyptian Society, and the Entrepreneur of the Year Award. Omar short after became a champion of entrepreneurship and represented the University of Surrey multiple times nationally and was invited to the House of Parliament in recognition to his success.

Omar was born in Cairo, Egypt and originally comes from a country side, Al-Sharkiyah. He started his studying abroad program when he went to Harvard Summer School to study Essay Writing and Financial Accounting. Omar then finished his Mechanical Engineering Degree at the University of Surrey in England.

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