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What is Learning? | Tomoki Tsujikawa | TEDxTitech
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Added Aug 11, 2016
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Learning is not only by stepping up stairs. He shows another style of learning with his experience through his business.

Tomoki Tsujikawa put up a goal to make a place where can be found the hope of learning, and he established an online education service from learning “knowledge map” called “ShareWis” in 2012. He was born in 1984 in Osaka, and he was majoring in biology at Kyoto University, and engaged in studying of a gene of algae. After graduating from graduate school and working at "P&G," he started a business. He called "the hope of learning" as the excitement when people find the different perspective, and a joy when people know what they did not know. And, he believes that these contribute the evolution of human beings. He achieved e-Learning award, and he was the winner of SF Japan Night. Now, he deals with making the learning contents of network called "knowledge map."

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