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What is "Real World Economics"? | Indradeep Ghosh | TEDxMDAE
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Added Jul 5, 2016
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The problem for economic theory is that it cannot symbolically represent the positive feedback processes that drive the dynamics of crises events. But this problem is also an opportunity. Because practitioner economists may then be understood not so much as "applying" economics to the real world but rather as "performing" economics - creating absolutely novel productions every single day!

Indradeep is trained as a macroeconomist and has spent half his life living in the United States, where he was teaching in a small liberal arts college just outside Philadelphia. Having satisfied his curiosity about the first world, he is very happy to be back in India, and is still getting used to living in Mumbai. At MDAE, he teaches, conducts research in monetary economics and exchange-rate economics, and also occasionally thinks about questions of an interdisciplinary nature.

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