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What it takes for a team to survive 9 months at sea.... | Laura Penhaul | TEDxClapham
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Added Jul 28, 2016
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When you tell people that the Coxless Crew set 2 World Records rowing from America to Australia, the first question is not about the journey, but is usually 'how on earth, as a team of women on a small 29ft boat, did you not throw each other over-board?!'
If you're part of a team, whether that's a sporting context or in the corporate world, team effectiveness is what we all strive for, so listen to this talk for some take home messages which may help improve collaboration within your own team.

Laura Penhaul is the Paralympic Lead Physiotherapist for British Athletics and Coxless Crew Team Lead who set 2 World Records in being the first all female crew, to row from mainland America to mainland Australia & first ever 4's boat to cross the Pacific Ocean.

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