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What makes me to make watches manually | Masahiro Kikuno | TEDxTitech
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Added Aug 15, 2016
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He realized the beauty of hand manufacturing when he first time saw the watch made about 150 years ago. While there are a lot of machines or robots which make it easier to make anything, but he believes there is a reason that he keeps making them by his hands.

Independent Clockmaker
Mr. Kikuno was born in 1983. He is an independent watchmaker who makes watches individually without belonging to any companies. He learned in WOSTEP course of Hiko Mizuno College of Jewelry and graduated in 2008. As a trainee, he studied how to make a watch on his own. During his study, he succeeded in making "Wa-dokei," Japanese traditional clock made in Edo period, into a wristwatch. Hand-made is his principle, and since his watch has complicated functions with unique designs, it fascinates various people.


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