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What's All This Talk About "Starting" and "Changing"? | Brent Iverson | TEDxSpeedwayPlaza
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Added Jun 21, 2016
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Face it, your major will most likely change. And that's ok, because you don't have to limit yourself! The possibilities are endless, as Dr. Iverson explains, that your true passion and potential probably isn't even realized yet!

Growing up in Silicon Valley, the nation’s hub of innovation and entrepreneurship, Iverson saw time and time again how ideas and individuals can change the world, if given a supportive environment. Since his appointment, Iverson has worked tirelessly to show prospective Longhorns that Undergraduate Studies is the best place for students unsure of their majors. As the school continues to grow in popularity, Iverson focuses on strengthening its unique resources to ensure that each student finds his or her collegiate calling.

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