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What's Right In Education | John Tralie | TEDxUpperDublinED
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Added Aug 2, 2016
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John Tralie offers an antidote to the constant calls for education reform. Pausing to celebrate, or, perhaps, remind the public, what is right with education, he delves into the oft misleading metrics that call for reform. He uses his perspective as an ex NASA engineer to contend that US education is, in many ways, successful as preparing students for higher education and the workforce.

John Tralie has been teaching for 5 years and is working to crack the code to create life-long learners and to reach as many students as possible. He has an ear out for what makes a good teacher and what methods work best in a classroom and realizes it will be a continuing search. John has a Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering from Drexel University and spent 25 years working an Aerospace Engineer for Lockheed Martin before becoming a teacher. His customers spanned NASA and all branches of the military. He is working to combine his industry experience with his life experiences to lead students through the forest to a rewarding life of learning.

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