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What’s Stopping Us From Making Social Problems Obsolete? | Alex Gill | TEDxRyersonU
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Added Aug 24, 2016
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The world has seen a tech revolution over the past few decades. Starting with software companies in the 1970s and accelerating with the invention of the smartphone, technology has fundamentally changed our lives and made large parts of the for-profit economy obsolete. Alex Gill is a social entrepreneur and innovator whose talk asks a simple question: How can we spark a similar level of social innovation that can solve longstanding social problems and make the world a more just, progressive and beautiful place?

A social entrepreneur, consultant and university innovator, Alex Gill has been working in the areas of social change and innovation for almost 20 years. In 2014, Gill co-founded Ryerson University’s groundbreaking SocialVentures Incubator and was named one of Canada’s Social Justice All-Stars in the following year. What inspires him is getting people enthusiastic about finding new ways to change their world for the better. In his mission to do the same, Alex founded the Mendicant Group, a collective that has worked on big and small social change projects across Canada and in 14 countries around the world. Alex has also moderated the G20 Young Entrepreneurs’ Alliance since 2010. It is his belief that if we unleash the same levels of innovation that have made mobile phones faster, better and smarter, we could create truly innovative solutions to the serious social problems that face the world today.

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