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What will our generation’s legacy be? | Patrick Burke | TEDxCaserta
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Added Aug 2, 2016
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Our generation has chased economic growth at the expense of our values. That was what caused the credit crunch, where we stole sales from the future to ensure growth today. And it is what is causing the heritage crunch, where we break links from our past to chase profits in a material world. Now is our generation’s chance to turn the tide.

Patrick Burke worked in finance. In 2008 he had an epiphany: turn your passion into your job. So he started working with classic cars and yachts. He is now Managing Director of the Historic Endurance Rallying Organisation (HERO) – a platform for those who share his enthusiasm. It’s videos have been watched by over 22 million car lovers. In the process of building the business, he discovered something much more important: his generation’s responsibility to link its past and future. Cars became a metaphor for life. He explains what this means, and how it can affect us all.

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