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When Girls Take Up Space | Una Torfadóttir & Margrét Snorradóttir | TEDxReykjavik
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Added Jul 13, 2016
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Una Torfadóttir and Margrét Snorradóttir are newly graduated students at Hagaskóli middle school and have been friends since kindergarten. At sixteen, they are both active feminists who explore creative ways to get their message across.

In 2015, Una wrote a poem titled Elsku stelpur ("Dear Girls"). It became the basis for a satirical dance performance piece that won the Skrekkur talent competition in 2015. The poem deals with issues that young girls face each day and sparked a much-needed dialogue on young women's standing in modern society.

Margrét founded the feminist group Ronja at Hagaskóli. The group made media headlines for their project #Ronjaferátúr ("Ronja has her period") where the school dedicated an entire week to combating stigma over women's menstruation periods. Ronja provided a platform for young feminists to share their ideas, get involved, and introduce others to feminism and equality.

Together Una and Margrét will talk about the need for women to take up room and what they can accomplish by doing so.

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