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While you are sleeping: science of the disappearance of coffee | Alessandrio Craparo | TEDxSaltRock
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Added Sep 22, 2016
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While you are sleeping: science of the disappearance of coffee. Alessandrio Craparo explores the science behind the disappearance of coffee.

Alessandrio's recently published PhD Thesis is the first study globally that has time series evidence of the impact of climate change on coffee.

His research is causing waves through the coffee industry, as he has without doubt illustrated that coffee arabica yields in Tanzania are in decline due to climate change - a result with global implications.

From BBC Africa to the Vice President of Tanzania are in contact to discuss the results of his study.

Sandro is becoming famous in South Africa for another reason - his specialty coffee roast and hand picked beans under the banner of Science of Coffee, Salt Rock, KZN. Breaking the industry mould, he is personally sourcing chosen beans through personal relationships he has developed with coffee farmers throughout sub-Saharan Africa, including Ethiopia and Tanzania.

Found on Reuters
"Coffee yields have declined to their lowest point in years, with many farmers in Tanzania giving up on coffee completely.”
– Alessandro Craparo

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