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"White Poverty Privilege?" Poverty and Addiction in America | David Canton | TEDxConnecticutCollege
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Added Sep 20, 2016
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In this talk, Canton dives into the fine mesh where class, race, and community meet. He examines how white privilege manifests itself in different socio-economic contexts. It is an analysis of the subtle interplay of race, poverty, and addiction, and how they influence one another, shaping the experiences of poor white and black communities.

David Canton is the Interim Dean of Institutional Equity and Inclusion and an Associate Professor of History at Connecticut College. He graduated with a B.A. in History from Morehouse College, received his M.A. in Black Studies from The Ohio State University and earned his PhD in history from Temple University. Professor Canton is the author of "Raymond Pace Alexander: A New Negro Lawyer Fights for Civil Rights in Philadelphia." His new book project is titled “What are You Going To Do About It” the memoirs of Joe Madison, an African American talk show radio host and civil rights activist. He has been on National Public Radio in Connecticut and his African American history class was featured on C Span American History Television.

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