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Who Killed Hamlet's Father? | Mohamed Elmasry | TEDxCairo
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Added Sep 29, 2016
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Through his study of History at the Faculty of Arts, Cairo University and his primary work with cinema, Mohamed asks about how facts are established, and reconsiders some historical and visual facts which have shaped our perceptions of our history (as a place and point in time) through the deconstruction of what has reached us eventually, which was not necessarily the truth.

Mohamed Elmasry is a film & cinema writer and programmer, who previously worked with Al Masry Al Youm newspaper and published a number of articles in Egyptian & Arabic papers and periodicals. He is currently the Editor in Chief of the “Cimateque Diaries”. He has written several short films, and participated as a researcher and developer in the final version of “The City’s Last Days” movie. He is currently directing his first short film.

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