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Who is the real Polluter; the Farmer or the Consumer? | Mike & Sharon Barton | TEDxTauranga
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Added Oct 3, 2016
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The environmental cost of food production has never been factored into the price the end-user pays, but should it be?

Farming on the edge of the one of the world’s most pristine lakes, with environmental limits placed on them, Mike and Sharon Barton partnered with scientists to ensure the water quality remains unspoiled in perpetuity.

If we are to tread lightly on the land, the real economic costs of truly sustainable farming will require an adjustment in our attitude towards food.

Mike and Sharon Barton have worked hard to meet and surpass environmental regulations on their beef farm in the Lake Taupo catchment.

Farming under a Nitrogen cap is challenging, and their efforts were recognised as Supreme winners of the 2015 Sustainable Business Network Awards.

Their farm is frequently cited as the model of the future. Wanting to encourage others to increase evironmental stewardship, Mike freely shares information about everything he does to achieve this status.

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