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Why Don't Japanese Women Ask Questions at Work? | Helen Iwata | TEDxRoppongi
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Added Oct 5, 2016
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Helen Iwata evaluates entrenched ideologies and paradigms of women in the Japanese workplace. This status quo of assumptions rather than questions and of avoiding offence rather than breaking social hierarchy has created ineffectiveness, inefficiency, and stress ranging from the top leadership to the rank and file within Japanese companies. This talk is for those who seek to empower communication, engagement, and satisfaction for the Japanese and global female workforce - from the individual to the entire organization.

As a former client communications manager at McKinsey, Helen trained consultants and clients in communication skills. In 2013, Helen established Sasuga! Communications and offers live and online workshops and coaching to help people communicate with more clarity and confidence in the global workplace. In April 2016, Helen published 英語の仕事術 (Eigo no Shigoto-jutsu) to share with more people practical communication tips, exercises, and anecdotes from her career. Currently, Helen is on a mission to help 2020 people create communication habits for success and happiness in global business by 2020.

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