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Why I chose to row to work | Gabriel Horchler | TEDxFoggyBottom
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Added Jul 6, 2016
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For 15 years, Gabriel Horchler rowed to work everyday. Through the years, he became more involved in river clean-up advocacy, and now leads several river clean up projects. Find out how Horchler took a hobby, and turned it into a lifetime of sustainability advocacy, all while maintaining his full-time job at the Library of Congress.

Born on July 27, 1944 in Hungary, he and his family lived in Austria as “displaced persons” from 1945 until 1950, when they emigrated to the United States. He has a BA in Economics from LaSalle University, MA in Economics from Penn State University, MS in Library Services from Columbia University.

He served in the military from 1968-1970, including a tour of duty in Vietnam as an infantryman. Except for two years in the military and two years as a UN volunteer in Niger, his entire career has been at the Library of Congress as a cataloger. After 47 years of government service, he retired in February, 2016 as the head of the Law Cataloging Section.

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