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Why It Is Time to Make Inclusive Development Inclusive | Charlotte McClain-Nhlapo | TEDxFoggyBottom
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Added Jul 6, 2016
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Society often sees people with disabilities as victims, dependent, and weak. But Charlotte McClain-Nhlapo, the global disability advisor at the World Bank, doesn't see herself that way. She sees herself as a warrior, and a change agent. In her talk, Charlotte explains how we can strengthen disability inclusive development, and make it truly inclusive.

Charlotte McClain-Nhlapo is the Global Disability Advisor for the World Bank Group supporting operational teams across the institution to ensure that Bank policies, programs and projects take people with disabilities into consideration. As a well-respected human rights lawyer in disability and child rights, McClain-Nhlapo has also worked at the USAID as the senior coordinator for disability and inclusive development, as a senior operations officer at the Bank to integrate disability inclusive development into operations in the East Asia Pacific and Africa regions, the Commissioner to the South African Human Rights Commission focusing on social and economic rights, disability rights and child rights, an as a project officer on child protection for UNICEF. She holds Law Degrees in international law and administration from the University of Warsaw, Poland and Cornell Law School. She is lives in Washington DC and is a dual American/ South African citizen.

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